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10 Fantasies of Churches With Small Groups

What prevents many churches from realizing their desire to become churches OF small groups?*  Most of the time, they’re stopped in their tracks by one or more of these fantasies:

  • Fantasy #1: We can keep the peace by making small group participation one of several menu items that are promoted equally as “the way we help people grow in Christ.”
  • Fantasy #2: It is enough to promote small groups once a year, annually every fall, along with everything else that’s starting up with the new ministry season.
  • Fantasy #3: An announcement at the end of the service is all our people need.  Anything more is overkill.
  • Fantasy #4: We can make this happen without the senior pastor’s vocal and continual support.
  • Fantasy #5: We can go from a church “with” groups to a church “of” groups in one ministry season.
  • Fantasy #6: We don’t need our senior pastor to be the small group champion.  Why are we paying the small group pastor (or director) for if we can’t delegate the champion role to them?
  • Fantasy #7: We don’t need to start new groups until we fill up the groups we already have!
  • Fantasy #8: All of our groups use the same curriculum. It provides everything that every group needs.
  • Fantasy #9: We don’t need to provide next steps for our newest groups.  They’re all adults. They can figure out what to do.
  • Fantasy #10: We don’t really need to change our approach. Trying harder or tweaking what we’re doing will fix it next fall.

By the way, even healthy churches on the way to becoming a church “of” groups often have a fantasy (or two).  At the same time, when fantasies go unchallenged, they will prevent or delay the decisions that lead to “of,” where nobody stands alone.

* It probably needs no explanation, but a distinction was made at Willow Creek between churches “of” groups and churches “with” groups.  To be a church with groups means that you do have small groups…but it’s not the expectation that everyone be part of a group.  To be a church of groups means that everything happens in groups and everyone is expected to be part of a group, where life-change happens.