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Product Review: "Seven Daily Sins" by Jared C. Wilson

The small group curriculum Seven Daily Sins by Jared C. Wilson and published by LifeWay delivers an interesting, heart-revealing study of what is commonly referred to as the “seven deadly sins”: greed, envy, sloth, pride, lust, wrath, and gluttony. The author proposes that these sins are so prevalent in today’s culture that they are as much “daily” as “deadly,” and as I read the accompanying introduction, I was inclined to agree. The leader’s kit includes a participant’s guide and a DVD-ROM including five video clips to play during group meetings.

When I’m choosing a curriculum for my own small group, I look for one with a level playing field—one where both those new and well-versed in the Bible can find common ground and something to touch them spiritually. Seven Daily Sins provides that—who doesn’t struggle with one of these sins?—as well as a week’s worth of study per sin issue.

The participant’s guide addresses the sin issues at its core with a merciful hand. It reads like a journey with the author through the seven sins, treating group members like brothers and sisters rather than judging them harshly for their struggles. But make no mistake, the curriculum calls the sins what they are, defining them biblically as well as socially.

The companion video segments are produced with high-quality and serve as a supplement to the study—not the main focus. One could even do the study without the video clips, but they are engaging and provide powerful imagery-filled commentary from the author himself.

The downloadable materials offer some of what you’d expect from a quality curriculum package: a leader’s guide and promotional materials. But Seven Daily Sins also offers some unique items, such as a suggested musical playlist for worship as well as supplemental articles for deeper study.

One could easily imagine a sermon series based on these themes accompanied by this curriculum. I recommend this curriculum for any group of people brave enough to look inward and take steps to eliminate these sins from their lives.