Finding the True Voice of Prayer

Those who pray in a way that connects with God have found a path of love that frees them to seek and see God. There they hear the tru voice, “My beloved, you are loved with a love that cannot be greater.”

The false voice of possessions also challenges this path of connecting with God. Our culture tells us in more ways than one that those who die with the most toys do actually win somehow. We buy, we collect and when we cannot buy and collect we wish we could. More is never enough because we are told that those who have the most matter the most.

Go back and read Paul’s words again about weakness, being nobodies, and being chosen by God to receive his love.

Those who pray in a way that connects with God are learning to let go and find treasures in another place than in possessions. They hear the true voice, My beloved, you don’t need more. You don’t need to attain more. You don’t need to press more. I will take care of you.”


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M. Scott Boren is a Teaching Pastor at Woodland Hills Church in Saint Paul, MN and consultant who partners with The Missional Network ( He has written and co-written eight books, including Introducing the Missional Church, Missional Small Groups and MissioRelate. He share life with his bride, Shawna, and their four children, all under the age of eight. He can be reached at his website: