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CHECKLIST: A 10-Point Small Group Evaluation Form

6. Evaluate your current plan to develop the coaches on your team.

Remember, whatever you want to happen in the lives of the members of your groups must happen first in the lives of your small group leaders. If that’s true, then whatever you want to happen in the lives of your leaders must happen first in the lives of your coaches. Can you see where this is going? Assuming that your coaches will develop themselves is short sighted and compromises the integrity of your system. See also, 7 Practices for Developing and Discipling Coaches.

7. Evaluate (or create) your plan to develop your existing small group leaders.

I am a fan of a very low entry bar of leadership…but the word “entry” is a very important word.  I also know that lowering the bar and recruiting HOSTs won’t often put shepherds into the system. It will usually put people who are willing to open up their home. If you want to make it easy to begin as a host, you’ve got to make it nearly automatic that new hosts step onto a leader development conveyor belt that moves them in the direction you want them to go. Don’t have the conveyor belt? Now’s the time to build it!  See also, Steve Gladen on Saddleback’s Leadership Pathway.

8. Evaluate your existing leaders in search of potential coaches.

Look over your list for high capacity leaders who may be able to put their toe in the water of caring for another new leader or two. Your best coaching candidates are almost always leading their own group and doing a great job. Inviting them to test-drive the coaching role by helping mentor a new leader or two is a great way to let them put a toe-in-the-water. See also: What If Your Coaching Structure Looked Like This?

9. Take a careful look at the next connecting event you’ve got planned.  

Will you take advantage of the next optimum time to connect people? Do you have several weeks of promotion built in?  Have you designed the event to appeal to unconnected people? Have you chosen a study that will peak the interest of unconnected people? Have you already chosen a great follow-up study?  See also, 6 Essential Components of a Small Group Launch.

10. Evaluate (or create) your recommended study list.  

One of the most helpful tools you can provide for small group leaders is a recommended study list. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can begin as simply as a top 10 list. It can exist as a page on your website or a simple handout that you keep updated.


This small group evaluation form originally appeared here, and is used by permission.