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10 Things Small Group Pastors Should Always Be Thinking

There are a few things smart small group pastors should always be thinking. A set of questions we should always be asking ourselves. Are you always thinking about these things?

1. How might we connect more unconnected people?

2. What is the best way to connect the largest number of unconnected people?

3. What kinds of people attend our church that we are not connecting?

4. What stories do I need to tell my senior pastor (so my senior pastor can cast a compelling vision for grouplife)?

5. Could we provide a better first step out of the auditorium (to connect more people)?

6. What things must be true for our small group system to be the right system for our church?

7. How might we improve the design of our small group experience to make more and better disciples?

8. Am I doing to and for my coaches what I want our small group leaders to do to and for their members?

9. What do we need to stop doing immediately?

10. What do we need to start doing immediately?

Can I give you an assignment? Block off an hour or two every week to wrestle with these questions. Very little of what you are currently doing is more important. If you are regularly asking these questions (and taking action on their answers), you’ll begin to see movement toward your preferred future.