5 Great Post-Easter Studies

Here are five great studies that will connect more people after Easter:


Transformed: How God Changes Us is the latest study from Rick Warren. Anchored in the apostle Paul’s profound truth in Romans 12:2, this study explores what the Bible has to say about seven essential areas of our lives: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational, Financial and Vocational.

If you’re looking for a study that will connect less frequent attenders, Transformed has a number of advantages. Rick Warren’s name is very recognizable and deals with a topic that is fairly cross-cultural (who doesn’t wish they could change something about themselves?).

You can read my full review right here.

finding your way

Finding Your Way Back to God: Five Awakenings to Your New Life has the most powerful outreach potential I’ve come across in a long time. If you’ve not had a chance to spend some time with the book yet, you need to make time! This book is a game-changer!

Finding Your Way Back to God is being done as a campaign series as I write this review at Community Christian Church in the Chicago. The resources you need to put on your own campaign will be available from July to December (including sermon transcripts, small group participant/leader guides, teaching videos, series bumper video and website graphic). You can sign up to find out more right here.

You can read my full review of the book right here.


Freeway: A Not So Perfect Guide to Freedom is a powerful seven-session study by Mike Foster and Garry Poole. Built on God’s amazing grace, honest conversations with friends and finding freedom from deepest pain and struggles, Freeway is way more than a study. It’s an experience in the very best sense of the word.

I love this study. If you’re looking for a study that will take people on a journey, a grace-filled journey, toward the life God dreams for them, you’ll love this study too. Freeway is the kind of study that will cause you to see every other study in a new light. Great stuff. I loved it and I think you will too.

You can read my full review right here.

resurrected book

The Resurrected Life: Making All Things New is a seven-week study designed to be used following Easter. Part of a three-study series (the Christian Life Trilogy), The Resurrected Life was developed by Rev. Charlie Holt and produced by LifeTogether. The rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lake Mary, Fla., I first learned about Holt in 2004 when he led his congregation to do 40 Days of Purpose and then shared one of the most remarkable and powerful stories of community transformation.

I really like the potential of The Resurrected Life: Making All Things New and this series! If you’re looking for a series that will help your congregation explore the new life available in Christ, please take a look at The Resurrected Life. I like this study and I think it’s a great resource that will help many congregations.

You can read my full review right here.

what keeps you up at night

What Keeps You Up at Night: How to Find Peace While Chasing Your Dreams is the latest study from Pete Wilson, founding and senior pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tenn.

I love this line from the website: “Today’s world, with all its expectations, responsibilities and shortcomings, has created an environment ripe for the kind of uncertainty that has shackled an entire generation. This small-group Bible study helps participants activate faith and trust in God that will propel them forward through fear and anxiety to peace, faithfulness and trust.”

Based on Pete’s new book by the same titleWhat Keeps You Up at Night hits the bulls-eye of what I call a cross-cultural study. After all, doesn’t everyone have things that keep them up at night? That’s not a topic that only Christians care about. This is a study that neighbors, friends, co-workers and family will readily identify with and it will make a very easy invite.

You can read my full review right here.  

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Mark Howell
Mark Howell serves as Pastor of Communities at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV. He founded SmallGroupResources.net, offering consulting and coaching services to help churches across North America launch, build and sustain healthy small group ministries. He spent four years on the consulting staff at Lifetogether and often contributes to ministry periodicals such as the Pastor's Ministry Toolbox and ChurchCentral.com.