Should Technology Be Allowed at Small Group Meetings?

Technology or Not?

Have a conversation with your group members about the use of technology in your small group meetings. If you decide to allow technology, consider following these two tips:

  • Announce the need to silence electronic device at the beginning of each meeting. It seems like there is always someone who forgets and needs to be reminded.
  • Consider identifying in the small group agreement how devices will/won’t be used during meetings.

Question: What are some ways your small group has dealt with technology in meetings?

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Roger Carr
Hi, my name is Roger Carr. I am a husband, father, Christian, business person, writer, and volunteer. I have participated in and led several small groups over the past 30+ years. These small groups included those in churches, work settings, professional organizations, and nonprofit organizations. I am currently coaching small group leaders and serving on the writing team at my local church, supporting small groups weekly.