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My sister recently showed me this hilarious video.

I think around 1:50 where the lyrics go: “He is like a Mountie/He always gets His man/He will zap you any way He can–ZAP” is especially classy. According to the ever-knowledgeable Wikipedia, this band, Sonseed, was actually a serious Christian band in the early 80s.

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But really. How many people do you think see this and think, “Yep–cheesy Christians! Going around singing silly songs about Jesus.” And move on, never taking a second glance at the Christianity we know to be true.

It kinda makes me a little bit ill.

Because under the surface of cheesy songs and VBS*, there is a God who calls us to adventure and an epic life with Him. A life that’s going to be wild and full of those characteristics we identify with fairy tales: twists and turns, a Villain, a beauty to be rescued, a Hero-Redeemer. These themes crawl all over His Word, and He is still infiltrating our lives with them today.

I DO have a friend in Jesus. I’ve been “zapped” by His amazing grace and led into the wilderness to find my way to a promised land. I’m craving adventure, setting out to find my way by holding His hand.

* I would never knock VBS. It’s a great thing to lead kids to Him.
** If you’re interested in diving more deeply into this adventure with God, may I suggest our MORE series?  

by Jessica Weaver
Jessica Weaver is a wife and mother of one daughter, Libbie. Their family recently moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where they are trying to plant roots and serve God wherever He leads. Jessica writes regularly at her personal blog,
Used with permission from SerendipityBlog.
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