The Key is the Coach

This week I would like to share with you some beneficial information by Touch Ministries (presenter: Jay Firebaugh) from the cell coaching seminar entitled “The Key is the Coach”.  Jay shared this with us some time ago, and I enjoy re-visiting these insightful differentiations in coaching:

Nurturing is the act of speaking confidence and vision into people.  Equipping is the act of helping them do their ministry better.  Developing is the act of helping them become all they can be for God and His kingdom by committing yourself to pour into them personally.

Nurturing                       Equipping                     Developing
All                                 Many                                 Few

Care                             Training for work               Training for personal growth
Focus is on Need         Focus is on Task              Focus is on Person
Relational                     Transactional                   Transformational
Service                         Management                     Leadership
Maintains Leadership  Adds Leadership              Multiplies Leadership
Establishing                 Releasing                          Empowering
Helping                         Teaching                           Mentoring
Need Oriented             Skill Oriented                    Character Oriented
What they want            What the organization needs      What they need
A Desire                       A Science                          An Art
Little or No Growth      Short-term Growth            Long-term Growth

These lists are a bit incomplete without the entire presentation.  Touch Ministries has provided the audio files for free at their website. Just scroll down the page a little and you can hear Jay present all 5 sessions.

I think seeing the differences in these aspects of coaching provide us with some stimulating insight for staying on task as we develop leaders. The final comment from me is that caring for others is tantamount to successful coaching; I may fail to coach well, but I will always care about and for those God entrusts to me.

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Joel Comiskey
Joel Comiskey (Ph.D. Fuller Seminary) is an internationally recognized cell church coach and consultant. He has served as a missionary with the C&MA in Quito, Ecuador and is now founding pastor of a cell-based church in Southern California. Joel has written best selling books on the worldwide cell group movement. He teaches as an adjunct professor at several theological seminaries. Joel Comiskey Group is a tax exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to helping complete the Great Commission in this century by providing resources and coaching to plant new cell churches and transition existing churches to cell-based ministry. For further reading on this topic, see Comiskey's books Making Cell Groups Work Navigation Guide and Home Cell Group Explosion.