Click Clique

It’s important for people in a small group to “click” but it’s destructive if they “clique”. Here’s what I mean: one of Satan’s sneakiest strategies is to take God’s beautiful creations and pervert them. Relationships are no exception. Satan wishes to distort them, make them ugly and divisive. Relationships are perverted in this way when we gather in “cliques” rather than working to make sure everyone in a group “clicks”. Cliques are are harmful because they make people feel left out. Thus, we should make every effort to help our small groups “click” but not “clique”.

Small Groups that “Clique”

  • enjoy gossip
  • are guarded
  • are fake
  • cause hurt feelings
  • are discouraging
  • create alienation
  • are exclusive
  • harbor resentment
Small Groups that “Click”

  • enjoy honesty
  • are transparent
  • are authentic
  • demonstrate love
  • are encouraging
  • create friendships
  • are inclusive
  • practice forgiveness

Keep in mind that not everyone is going to click with your group right away. It’s okay if people decide to look for another group to attend. Just make sure that you keep all communication lines open and ask people why they’ve left. If they leave because they just didn’t “click” that’s okay. But if they leave because your group is a clique then you have some issues to work out.

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