Triple Threat Leadership

My friend Alan Danielson has recently released an E book entitled Triple Threat Leadership.  This book is a quick, practical and entertaining read.  Alan explains that there are three essential skills every leader needs to be aware of in order to have maximum success: The ability to cast Vision, the ability to create Strategy and the ability to foster Relationships. All are necessary, but we don’t have them all naturally. Each of us tend to lean in the direction of either vision, strategy, relationships, or some combination of two of them.  The book provides practical insights that will help any leader understand themselves, their team and improve performance.  Oh, yeah and my favorite part…It comes with a leadership assessment to help you determine your leadership style.  Do yourself  and your team a favor and download the book today by clicking HERE.

The chapters include

  1. Triple-Threat = Success
  2. Knowledge and Talent Aren’t Enough
  3. Triple-Threat Skills
  4. The Triple-Threat Spectrum At Work
  5. Mutual Support – Mutual Dependence
  6. Six Leadership Styles
  7. Organizational Leadership Styles
  8. Your Default Leadership Style
  9. Appropriately Imbalanced Leadership
  10. Know Yourself
  11. Coaching

Alan is a consultant and leadership coach who has a passion for helping leaders achieve the highest levels of effectiveness. He has 20 years experience as a pastor and non-profit leader. He served as an Executive Director on the leadership team of, America’s second largest church, and led a team of over 1000 volunteer leaders. His specialty is motivating people to join a cause and teaching them to lead others to accomplish the cause. Alan has coached corporate executives, business owners and pastors. He is a gifted communicator and has spoken at some of America’s largest Ministry Leadership Conferences.