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Live Blogging from “Method Behind the Madness”pt 1

Here at the Summit’s “Method Behind the Madness” where we are getting an inside look at how the Summit Church plans a weekend worship service. Rick Langston introduced the session and up first:

PART 1 – Jason Douglas: Production Pastor

Topic: Why we do what we do in announcements:

  • We cast vision, we dont just give details.
  • Rick comment: If you spend 20 hours preparing a 30 minute sermon, you should spend a proportionate amount of time on a 4 minute announcement. We take this stuff seriously.
  • Jason talked more about the filter he uses to decide what gets announced. It’s pretty intense. He gets roughly 25 requests a week for something to be announced from stage. Has to look at what the overall push of the day is & what announcement connects to the most people.
  • Also talks through importance of connecting videos to live announcements. funny note from JD: Videos never get sick! So consider that when you are thinking about live testimonies. It was a joke. he does like people.

Part 1b: Announcements for this week

  • J.D. & Jason both talking through the announcements for this week. Right now we are focusing on Christmas Missions Offering.
  • Campus Pastors talking through how this is going to work at their campus. Different pastors highlighting different things going on.
  • Jason Douglas giving some overall clarity to what needs to be communicated and reminding CPs that there is a pretty full service this weekend.

So you know, Rick Langston is the Campus Pastor’s Pastor. He is providing some wrap up comments. About to go into J.D.’s sermon prep comments.

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