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Book of the week: unChristian

Anti-homosexual. Hypocritical. Judgemental. Sheltered. Too Political. These are the findings from the Barna Group on what a new generation really thinks about Christianity. Carrying on his predecessor’s tradition David Kinnaman’s book unChristian uses substantial amounts of statistical data to reveal some pretty difficult observations about how non-christians view Christianity. I believe this is a pretty important read for everyone in leadership in the church but especially important for pastors & future pastors who care at all about engaging the people living around them. Kinnaman does the hard but needed work of drawing general conclusions from his research that he humbly offers as an indictment on the church in America as it largely exists present day. For example, only 34 % of young (16-29) non christians believe Christians genuinely care about them. But 64% of Christians said they believe outsiders would perceive their efforts as genuine. We think we are genuine but we aren’t coming off that way. Again, I’m only about halfway through it but no doubt some of these stats will make their way into studies I write over the next couple of years. I imagine they should be on project board of sermons you will build & preach as well. And if nothing else, I had the privilege to meet & talk with David for a few moments at the Right Now conference and the guy is a sharp, motivated Christ follower who is seeking the good of the church. No question he & his team are a means of God’s grace to local church pastors.

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