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What Questions Are You Asking?

I remember a conference I went to in early 1992.  Really, looking back I can definitely say it was that conference that changed my direction in ministry.

Arriving at the conference I would have definitely described myself as a senior pastor.  Not long after leaving I knew I was a small groups guy.  And not so much a developer of leaders as a strategist and all about connecting as many as possible in groups where they could “grow in Christ, love one another and further the work of the Kingdom.”

At the conference, really as it began, the speaker asked a simple question.  “What questions are you asking?”  He went on to say that when he went to Francis Schaeffer’s L’Abri community in Switzerland he learned that participants at the event had to be asking a question.

I thought that was good idea.  And I thought about my question. Since then I’ve asked questions like, “Is it possible to launch new small groups without already having leaders?”  “Is it possible to connect 100% of your weekend attendance?”  “Is it possible to launch groups that are all about reaching friends and neighbors?”  “What’s the best way to reach the 60% of people who will never come to a church?”

What questions are you asking?  I’d love to know.  You can use the comment section to tell me!