Bad Trip

In my time with the Father this morning, I read Zechariah 5.).

God’s people who had come back from Babylon had brought with them some of the wickedness of that land — the commercialism, greed, stealing, and lying that was prevalent there. In order for God’s people to be God’s people, that wickedness needed to be removed — sent back to where it came from. That wickedness was worshipped in Babylon. Only God was to be worshipped in Israel.

Aren’t you thankful that God takes away our sins? We can have a relationship with him because our Wickedness has been removed.

Maybe its not such a bad trip after all!

What kinds of wickedness has the Church absorbed or embraced from our culture? What have we conformed to from the pattern of our world? What’s in the basket?

What does God need to remove from your life, your small group, your church, and take back to where it came from?

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