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Merry Christmas to My Small Group

last night my small group took the night to have a little fun together. Ok, so we pretty much always have fun together but we came in to the night planning to have some fun. We’ve been working strong through 1 & 2 Samuel the past 2 months so a night off was a good pace change. I hope you as a small group leader keep things fresh with your group. If you feel like the group may be getting too predictable, it probably has already been for 3 weeks & you are just now seeing it. So switch things up. Serve your city or throw a party or have a prayer night or just build some fun hang time into your night. That’s what we did. My wife came up with Minute-to-Win-It (guys v. girls) small group edition. Will link you out to a couple of videos later in the week when they get posted online. Bottom line, just like anything else: keep it fresh and have a lot of fun doing it!

What are the best “fun night” ideas you’ve tried or seen for a small group?

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Spence is the Small Groups Pastor at the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Wonder what that involves? Too much to put here, but he loves it! You can read more from Spence on his blog.