Thank God for Failure

I don’t know anyone who likes to fail.  We all try our hardest to avoid it, yet it’s inevitable.  I was working with a young leader recently who was exercising a new leadership skill for the first time.  We talked through details for approaching this new competency, but afterward he came to me discouraged.  The outcome was something he labeled a “FAILURE.”  He wrestled with self-doubt, battled with his ego, and asked himself a laundry list of self-examination questions.  While it didn’t go as he envisioned, he was now asking all the right questions and was eager to learn.

I don’t enjoy watching anyone fail, but I do enjoy being there to help a young leader process his mistakes.  You see, failure without a mentor can be disastrous, but failure with a mentor leads to development.

In Acts 13:13).  Barnabas’ mentorship undoubtedly paid off because years later, Paul told Timothy, “Send Mark because he is valuable to me.”

I thank God for failure because…

  • It gives me the opportunity to authenticate my belief in the leaders I mentor.
  • It gives me the opportunity to be there to answer the tough questions
  • It gives them the opportunity to demonstrate emotional fortitude.
  • It gives them the chance to gain leadership wisdom.

When a young leader under your supervision fails, thank God because you’ll find this to be one of the most opportune times for leadership development.  Don’t miss it.