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What Could You Accomplish in 4 Weeks?

So our church just entered into a 4 week “break” of sorts for our small groups. We begin a new series the first of march so we basically have 4 weeks where a group can do whatever they want to do. So the question is…what could your group accomplish in 4 weeks? How could you make the most of it?  Maybe you need to take a month and take on this 4 week challenge. 4 weeks to take your group to the next level. Here are some suggestions, and I’d love to hear more.

  1. Learn HOW to be a small group. resources like Building Biblical Community are designed to help your group learn how to live in community with one another. by and large, I think the most common reason a small group never goes beyond “average” is because they do not have clear expectations and explanations of how to operate in community.
  2. Embed mission into the DNA of your group. What if, for 4 solid weeks, your group never met in a living room. What if you actually took the game-changing principles from When Helping Hurts and put them into play in your community. Build a relationship with a pocket of people in your community and begin to love on them as Christ modeled for us. It is scary to me how absent the practicing missionaries are from our local churches right now.
  3. Pray as if your life depended on it. Why do most small group prayer times only last 30 seconds while prayer request times last 30 minutes? Time to learn how to pray like the early church. What if your group devoted 4 weeks to prayer and…..fasting? Oh my goodness. actual fasting! what an outrageous idea. Consider looking at Paul Miller’s A Praying Life for some guidance there.

What else? What could you do with 4 weeks that could completely change the landscape of your small group from then on?

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Spence is the Small Groups Pastor at the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Wonder what that involves? Too much to put here, but he loves it! You can read more from Spence on his blog.