Get the Lead Out!

So every coach I’ve ever had has called me “Shelton!” I dont know if its my goofy white boy look or what, but regardless of the sport the best coaches I’ve had would bust my chops pretty much all the time. One thing the best coaches did in all the sports I played was conditioning training. To play a sport at a high level you need to be able to run pretty much for a day without stopping. At least that’s the way my coaches made it feel. Any baseball guy has probably ran “foul poles.” I’ve run enough of those to equal a jog from Fenway to PetCo Park. I ran enough “laps” to lap the globe twice I think. “Get the lead out Shelton” may be statistically the most familiar phrase my ears have ever heard. The point is, conditioning is foundational to being a good athlete.

Now here is where I make the spiritual teaching point about spiritual conditioning right? NOPE. Sticking with physical conditioning. If you are a grown adult, you need to exercise. You don’t need to kill yourself, but you need to exercise enough to make sure your heart still can pump blood. Why you say? Ok here is where it gets a little spiritual.  4 thoughts:

  1. God gave you your body. duh. But he did say you were crafted in “his image.” And as an image bearer, you should seek to honor God with it by keeping it in good shape.
  2. Our country is morbidly obese. Its just too easy to live a lifestyle that slowly deteriorates your body. heart disease cases are skyrocketing in number. I say that to say “exercise” in whatever form you choose, will go against the grain of how society is set up for you and thus it will be HARD. No one will pay you. you will probably pay money for your conditioning at some point. some way.
  3. Have FUN! I’m grateful for the group of guys I play basketball with regularly. I get blood flowing and I have a great time doing it. Its a workout, and its fun. which is why I never struggle to get up for it. Running for the sake of running makes no sense to me. If it does for you, fine and dandy.
  4. Start small. I’ve started with once-a-week basketball. Now I’m moving into a couple of other ways to exercise as well. Trying to build something that will last.
  5. Oh, its a GREAT stress relief. I’ve got some opportunities for stress. And while Jesus, not exercise, will be the cure for your stress, exercise helps. (please dont make that into a t-shirt and wear it to the gym though ok.)

Listen, I’m not Joe trainer. I’ve got weight to lose and shape to get in. I’m just telling you to jump on board and get active. Then blog about it to guilt trip others.  Notice I haven’t talked at all about changing your eating habits. I’m convinced those will change when you start exercising. Because nobody wants to exercise with lead in their belly. Oh, and I suck at eating well still. My great wife is trying to help our family eat well. My love of dark chocolate is hampering her efforts. Yes, I know my sin. Don’t judge.