What NOT to Do…

Starting a small group is no easy task.  It requires commitment, preparedness, desire and prayer.  We often will talk about the “how to” part of group ministry but recently Bill Search  posted some great info on What NOT to do when starting a small group and I had to share it here:

-Don’t invite them to join your multi-tiered, network-marketing, what-would-you-do-with-$5000-extra-a-month, personal business. In fact, if you are a group leader, avoid inviting anyone in your group into any of your business adventures.

-Don’t demand they open up and share their true feelings in the first several weeks. It’s great if you get there, but it’s freaky if you lead off with this. If you have any manly men in the group they will look for the closest door and run for it.

-Don’t cry. You might be the kind of person who cries at Hallmark commercials. That’s great. Nothing wrong with that. Just save that for after a few meetings. Let the group get to know you first.

-Don’t confess sins and demand others do the same. Hopefully, this will come, but you have to really know a person before you share your deepest challenges.

-Don’t talk about politics. It is not a safe assumption that everyone in your group shares your political persuasions. You can quickly alienate people who don’t agree with you. Remember, you are a group leader, not a political action committee. 

I think that’s some great advice from Bill, I would also add – DON’T CANCEL GROUP MEETINGS!  There is nothing worse, for a new person who is trying to get connected, than having the leader frequently cancel.  If you have people that are not showing up use it as an opportunity to get to know those that do show up!
How about you?  Do you have any tips that you would share of what NOT to do??? Share below…