Get Yourself Motivated

There is nothing worse than not being motivated. The Gallup organization indicates that as many as 74% of US employees are not “fully engaged” in their work. In other words they are going through the motions but not finding meaning or fulfillment in their work. So what can you do to kick start your motivation and get a little fire back in your belly? Here are a few simple ideas.

Be a Ferocious learner. When you are learning it expands your mind and gives you new ideas. And fresh ideas are like gasoline in your motivational tank.

Exercise Daily. Sometimes our lack of motivation is not emotional but physical. Get outside, get moving and you’ll find that when the endorphins start firing you will get a spring in your step both physically and mentally.

Put Your Strengths to Work. There’s nothing more motivating and fulfilling than doing the things you’re good at. Take a look at your week and plan out your projects and time based around those things that you do best. When you do this you’ll begin to see results and get that feeling that you’re making a difference.

Study Best Practices. Sometimes we aren’t motivated because we’re stuck in routine, doing the same things the same ways. Take some time, look around you at some of the industry leaders in your field and study their best practices. This will give you fresh ideas which will lead to fresh motivation.

Get away. Sometimes a simple change of scenery can give you a whole new perspective. Schedule some time to get away to your favorite think spot or vacation spot. Build in some think time and see what happens, it’s likely this time of mediation will lead to some inspiration.

Put Your Goals in Writing. Schedule an hour where you can think through what God might want you to accomplish over the next six months. Pray it through, think it through, talk it through, then write it down. I find that every time I put my goals in writing in sparks a new fire in my heart.

Okay, there are 6 ideas to get you going. What else would you add to this list?