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Factors That Predict Multiplication

  • The cell leader’s devotional time. Those who spend 90 minutes or more in devotions per day multiply their groups twice as much as those who spend less than 30 minutes.
  • The cell leader’s intercession for the cell members. Those who pray daily for cell members are most likely to multiply groups.
  • The leader spending time with God to prepare for a cell meeting. Spending time with God preparing the heart for a cell meeting is more important than preparing the lesson.
  • Setting goals. The leader who fails to set goals that the members remember has about a 50 percent chance of multiplying his or her cell. Setting goals increases that chance to 75 percent.
  • Knowing your cell multiplication date. Cell leaders who set specific goals for giving birth consistently multiply their groups more often than goal-less leaders.
  • Training. Cell leaders who feel better trained multiply their cells more rapidly. However, training is not as important as the leader’s prayer life and goal orientation.
  • How often the cell leader contacts new people. Leaders who contact five to seven new people per month have an 80% chance of multiplying the cell group. When the leader visits only I to 3 people per month, the chances drop to 60%. Leaders who visit eight or more new people each month multiply their groups twice as much as those who visit one or two.
  • Exhortation in cell groups to invite friends. Cell leaders who weekly encourage members to invite visitors double their capacity to multiply their groups-as opposed to those leaders who do so only occasionally or not at all.
  • Number of visitors to the cell. There is a direct relationship between the number of visitors in the group and the number of times a leader multiplies the group. • Outside meetings. Those cells that have six or more social meetings per month multiply twice as much as those who have only one, or none.
  • Raising up interns. Those leaders who gather a team double their capacity to multiply the cell.
  • Level of pastoral care. Regular visitation by the leader to the cell members helps consolidate the group.


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