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New Associational Training Plan

I just got off my heaviest August training month sense the economy went South 3 years ago. Not only did I have more meetings, but they were better attended than usual. One DOM said to me, “Thank you so much for making this possible; we could never have done this under the old plan.” Another said to me, “This is the best attended meeting we have had in years.” We have adjusted the plan to make it even more affordable for Associations–$150 or less.

Associations have experienced a double-whammy in their budgets. The economy has hurt the income of the folks which effects the income of the churches. This effects the income of the Associations. In addition, Great Commission Breakthrough is funneling money away from things like Sunday School training in favor of church planting.

Bottom line: Associations no longer have $1500 or so to sponsor a training event. Here is the good news: churches still have $20 per teacher to invest in training.

I would like to offer a training conference to your Association on the following basis:

  • Must be sponsored by an Association.
  • Association pays expenses plus $200 for me and  expenses plus $100 for Missy if you want her to train your children and preschool workers. If we are in the area, travel is $200 for each of us, plus hotel. If we are not in the area, it is out-right expenses. Normally one night hotel; sometimes two.
  • Association charges $20 per person to attend the conference. Association keeps $5 of this to help with their expenses. The rest is our honorarium. This is charged per person. However, it is usually paid by the church.
  • Association provides us with email addresses of pastors and Sunday School directors in the area so that we can promote from our end as well. (If we could get the email address of the Associations around you, all the better.) I am making this offer on a trial basis. Take advantage now while the offer lasts.

For current list of existing conferences, see: http://www.joshhunt.com/schedule.htm


Example of cost

Suppose you have both Missy and me in to do training. This is what usually happens. Suppose we are on a tour, so you are paying a flat $200 for each of us for expenses. This is usually the case. If you book a meeting adjacent to an existing meeting, this will always be the case. Suppose 150 people come to the training.


$200 Josh’s honorarium
$100 Missy’s honorarium
$200 my expenses
$200 her expenses
$100 hotel (this assumes it is one night)
$100 meals
$900 Total


150 people
X 5 per per person goes back to Association

Net cost to you: $150 ($900 – $750)

Here is a list of conferences that are available:

  • You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less. My most popular seminar—this is the one that launched a full-time career in training Sunday School teachers 12 years ago. I can reduce it to a formula: You can double your class every two years or less by inviting every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month.
  • Disciplemaking Teachers. The problem in many churches is not that we cannot figure out how to double a class every two years or less, the problem is, we don’t want to. The reason? We have not made true disciples. This seminar explores what is a disciple and how teachers can make disciples through the Sunday School.
  • One Magnificent Obsession. This motivational seminar focuses on the “Why?” of doubling groups. I offer 10 compelling reasons to want to double your group.
  • Good Questions Have Groups Talking. I have written more Sunday School lessons than anyone living or dead. I write 4 new lessons a week (corresponding with Lifeway’s series and the International Standard Series) and have done so for years. This seminar shares hidden secrets on how to teach using the tried and true method of asking good questions. A dozen different kinds of questions are explored.
  • Give Friday Nights to Jesus. This seminar teaches the hospitality ministry discussed in the Double Your Class Seminar without the emphasis on dividing. If you have a lot of people squeamish about numbers, this may be the seminar for you.
  • 10 Marks of I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. Teachers. Incredible teachers inspire hearts; they don’t just fill heads. That is point #1 of this popular seminar on the craft of teaching. It explores how to use technology to find material that moves hearts. One point of the ten deals with the dream of doubling groups.
  • Make Your Group Grow. This is my newest seminar and book. It is based on a research project of 1000 Sunday School teachers. The purpose of the research was to discover if the things I teach could be validated by hard research. I discovered I was mostly right! The message of this seminar is similar to Double Your Class but the presentation is much more research-based.
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Josh Hunt loves small groups. He travels extensively training group leaders. He has spoken in some of America's leading churches including First Baptist Church Atlanta and Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA. He has written several books on group life including You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less, Disciplemaking Teachers and Make Your Group Grow. He writes a popular online curriculum called Good Questions Have Groups Talking. His website is www.joshhunt.com