Worship – Why I Don’t Do it But I Do. Powerful Story. Funny.

We have been doing a series at Gateway called “Why Bother?” One of the topics is worship.  Why should we bother to worship.  The story at the beginning of this service, it’s a couple of minutes long, is a humorous powerful observation of church and American culture.  The question for all of us is do we worship? The answer is yes. Watch this.

How is your worship?  Are you a church parrot?  What about American cultural worship?

Thanks Phillip Rogers for this story….Visual Arts Director at Gateway Church South.

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Kirby Holmes
Kirby Holmes is a Groups and Growth Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, TX. Gateway is a No Perfect People Allowed church where we often say Come as You Are…but Don’t Stay as You Are. Half of the people who attend Gateway would say they were far from God when they started attending. Gateway is a place where God is helping un-churched messy people become beautiful masterpieces of God’s design. Twitter: @KirbyHolmes Web: www.KirbyHolmes.me Church: www.GatewayChurch.com