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Victory in Spiritual Warfare: A Powerful DVD-driven study from Dr. Tony Evans and Lifeway

If you’re looking for a study that will help your groups understand spiritual warfare, you need to take a look at Victory in Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Tony Evans.  An 8 session DVD-driven study featuring the teaching of Dr. Evans and based on his 2011 book, Victory in Spiritual Warfare: Outfitting Yourself for the Battle…this is a powerful study.

The DVD format, along with daily homework and scripture memory will make this study very appropriate for many on-campus studies and classes as well as groups that are looking for deeper content.

There are several keys to the study.

First, the DVD features significant portions of the teaching of Dr. Evans.  At an average length of 30 minutes, I think they’ll seem much shorter.  The first African-American to graduate with a doctoral degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, he is widely regarded as one of the very best communicators in America.

Second, the participant guide, the Field Guide for Battle (included in the Leader Kit), includes a several important ingredients:

  • a section for taking notes during each of the DVD segments,
  • a short set of discussion questions, and a verse for scripture memory
  • a very thorough set of daily studies for each of the 8 weeks.  Deeply biblical, the daily studies will give group members an in-depth understanding of spiritual warfare.

A Personal Note: In my opinion, Dr. Tony Evans is one of the most memorable preachers in America.  I will never forget a message I heard him give at a Promise Keepers event in the late 90s.  Whether you add this curriculum to your recommended list or feature it in an on-campus study or class…I’m confident it will have the same effect on many participants.  They may have never shouted out, “Amen!” or “That’s right!” before…but they will when they get caught up in the enthusiasm of this teaching.

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Mark Howell serves as Pastor of Communities at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV. He founded SmallGroupResources.net, offering consulting and coaching services to help churches across North America launch, build and sustain healthy small group ministries. He spent four years on the consulting staff at Lifetogether and often contributes to ministry periodicals such as the Pastor's Ministry Toolbox and ChurchCentral.com.