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Fresh Starts Don’t Have to be Trendy

I started my 1-year Bible reading plan today.

16 days after the start of the new year.

Which is neither trendy nor inspiring.

Nobody wants to show up late to a party. Or be the last one to leave. Or catch on to the cool things after everyone else.

I was reading my Bible, but wasn’t in a specific plan, because quite frankly, I forgot to start one. (I was reading my Bible daily…just not as a part of a specific plan) With my trip to Costa Rica, I simply forgot to get cranking on the new plan.

Why does this matter?

Why does it matter that I’m starting my Bible reading plan 16 days after the rest of the world has started their plan, their diet, and their life changes?

Because there are changes that you haven’t made yet, either. There are things you know you need to do, but for whatever reason, you haven’t. And looking at the calendar could leave you paralyzed, because you had good intentions of making those changes over 2 weeks ago.

Maybe you forgot. Maybe you didn’t realize you needed to start. Maybe you intentionally chose to put things off.

Start now! No more procrastinating!

Whether what you’ve been wanting to do is start a Bible reading plan (I’m reading the chronological plan on YouVersion), start a blog, or quit smoking.

It’s time you forgave that person who wronged you.

It’s time to write that book.

It’s time to reach out to your neighbor.

It’s time to break that addiction.

It’s January 17th. It’s not the trendy time to make life changes. But who needs trendy times, anyway?

Instead of standing still, paralyzed by the mountain of changes that need to happen to move you where you need to be, do something. Take a step in the right direction, and God will reward that step.

Don’t wait until everyone else is making changes. Change now!

January 17th is my fresh start.

Care to join me? 

What changes are you going to work on?

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Ben Reed is the small groups pastor at Long Hollow, a multi-site church in the Nashville, TN, area. He holds an Mdiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Ben is also an avid coffee drinker and CrossFitter, but not at the same time. Catch up with Ben at BenReed.net. In his book, "Starting Small: The Ultimate Small Group Blueprint," he helps leaders through the process of putting a small group ministry together and creating a place where people belong so they can become.