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Americans Celebrate the Death of Community

It’s just a divorce. Watch this from the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love.

After someone hears Cal crying in the bathroom – everyone in the office thought he had cancer.  The good news.  It’s just a divorce.  Thank God.  Smiles.  Congratulations.  Thunderous applause.

Do you see anything wrong with the way American’s view relational connectedness?  I mean, an “individual” gets cancer.  An “individual.”  But relationships are about other people. No big deal if that doesn’t work.  Americans don’t value relational community as much as individualism.

The unfortunate result is church community, or Biblical community, is compromised.  Our American-ness keeps us from the better version of ourselves that God created.

What is working in your church, Small Group or friendships to create inter-connected relational bonds of love, trust and perseverance?  How can we grow in relational care for others and become  less concerned over individual realities? Is this possible or desirable in America?