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Leadership Game-Changers I Learned from Bob Russell 3… Wise Counselors Seek Wise Counsel

If you’re following along this week you know that I’m sharing five leadership principles that I learned from Bob Russell, long time senior pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, a church that grew from 120 to over 18,000 under his leadership.
Today I simply want to tell you that Bob taught me through his actions that getting wise counsel is wise. As I mentioned yesterday, while serving as an associate pastor, I sometimes got to be in Bob Russell’s pastor study group.
On more than one occasion Bob Russell, a man most would seek counsel from, asked for wise counsel from the group. I must confess… I was astounded. Bob was the one who had built a mega-church. Bob was the one whose sermons were being heard on radio stations weekly. Bob was the one who had experienced every stage of growth a church goes through yet he was asking for advice from the rest of us.
This amazing man and pastor was humble enough and wise enough to follow the biblical principle of seeking wise counsel from others.

I wonder how many pastors could avoid some very difficult situations if they would simply follow Bob’s lead and humble themselves enough to understand that, while they are a wise counselor they should also be willing to seek wise counsel?

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