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What Does It Mean to Trust God?

How to Respond to the Trust God Gap.

So what do we do when we face our Trust God Gap?

According to Proverbs 3, our response is clear: TO TRUST IS TO ACKNOWLEDGE, THEN ACT. Let that sink in … to trust is to acknowledge, then act.

Sometimes we reverse the order and act, then acknowledge. We act in our own wisdom, then acknowledge that we messed up, seeking God’s forgiveness and redemption. Other times we act, and then acknowledge God by asking him to bless our action. But true trust doesn’t reverse the process.

True trust begins by acknowledging God, His wisdom,and His ways, and then choosing to act on what we’ve acknowledged.

To acknowledge God without acting on His wisdom is nothing more than winking at God.

To act without acknowledging God is nothing more than self-reliant trust.

But to acknowledge God’s ways and then act on them is to truly trust in God.

So, what does it mean to trust God with whatever you wrote in your blank?

In other words, what are you putting in your Trust God Gap? When we “acknowledge, then act,” we put TRUST in our TRUST GOD GAP. ACKNOWLEDGING God and His Wisdom and then ACTING on God’s ways is how we ultimately close our Trust God Gap.

Question: What insights would you add on to how to respond to the Trust God Gap?  

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