Honor Your Heroes

by Steve Cordle

One of the keys to intentionally cultivating certain values in a church is to make heroes of the right people. There are no greater heroes in a cell church than the cell leaders. They are the ones who determine how successful your church will be in making disciples and showing love to one another.

Month in and month out, they are expressing care to the people, modeling the faith, spending the time to pray for their groups and to minister in Jesus’ name. They are the heroes of the church – as go the leaders, so goes the ministry.

Maybe you can’t give your leaders a ticker-tape parade or a million dollar bonus, but then again they aren’t looking for that. But whether they say it or not, they are looking for someone to tell them they are doing well, and an acknowledgement that they are extending themselves. It is said that appreciation is oxygen for the soul. Are your leaders breathing well?

An annual banquet, a book, a gift, a special time for them to receive instead of give–these all go a long way to helping your leaders know they are appreciated.
Last year our cell champion gave our leaders a portfolio with the logo of our church’s group ministry stamped on the front. It was very expensive, but I have seen those portfolios showing up in the hands of leaders for a year now. They have been proud to carry it as a reminder that we value them.

That portfolio also said to others in the church that at Crossroads small group leaders are a big deal. There are many ways people can be “paid.” One of those is through appreciation.

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