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What's Stopping You from Pursuing Your Dream?

What’s stopping you? Are there barriers blocking the path to your dream? What’s hindering the forward progress of your mission? What’s deterring the realization of your vision? And more importantly what’s your attitude about your situation?

Your whole attitude can be transformed when you recognize that obstacles can be open doors for innovation and greater impact. Pause, and ask yourself a few important questions and see if you gain a new perspective.

  • What’s the real problem I face? Sometimes the perceived problem is not our real problem. Skilled leaders learn to identify the problem behind the problem.
  • Is there a field expert I know that can help me process my challenge? If you don’t know someone personally simply ask yourself “What would __________ (known specialist) do in my situation?” Opening your imagination this way may give you a fresh perspective. 
  • What are 5 options for overcoming my challenge? Write them down and reflect on them. Remember some of the best ideas are born out of bad ideas.
  • Is there another approach God is prompting me to take? Perhaps He allowed the obstacle in order to help you find a better direction.
  • What are the hidden resources I have access to that I’ve not thought about? This is one of my favorite questions and has helped produce solutions for me on many occasions. Sometimes the things that are closest to us are the hardest things to see.

Don’t wait for your obstacle to be removed…God put it there to grow you as a leader and to open new doors of opportunity.

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Mac Lake is the Development Pastor at Seacoast Church, a multi-site church with 13 campuses, where he oversees leadership development, small groups, missions, communications, and internships. He is a popular church leadership conference speaker and the author of the training resource Growing Small Group Leaders. Learn more from Mac at MacLakeOnline.com.