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Helping Leaders Overcome Discouragement

by Mario Vega

Leaders may get discouraged if they do not perceive their work is valued and appreciated by others. Therefore it is important to encourage leaders, congratulating them for what they do, thanking them for everything they undertake, and constantly praying for them. A word of affirmation often makes the difference between a leader ready to give up and one who presses on.

Sometimes the source of discouragement can be found in the internal conflicts the leader subconsciously takes on. Perhaps he or she is pretending that “everything is okay,” when in reality struggles are not far from the surface. A discerning coach will detect these signs of discouragement.

If internal conflicts exist between the leader and a member (s), it’s essential that the leader go directly to the person to resolve the difficulty. Honesty and transparency are critical! Walking through life trying to hide things will only make problems worse.

Some leaders are constantly looking in the rear-view mirror. Perhaps, something happened in the leader’s childhood. The coach needs to help the leader deal with the problem and then enourage him or her to move on. I realize that moving on is not always easy, and it doesn’t happen “overnight.” The coach needs to encourage the leader to press ahead, in spite of past memories.

The coach knows that unless the leader resolves his or her conflicts, a downward cycle of discouragement can ensue. Without help, a leader might abandon duties for no apparent reason. Sometimes the leaders can´t even find a reason because the reason for discouragement is subconscious, buried deep in the past.

Coaches play a critical role in helping leaders to press on. As coach, your role is crucial. What are you doing to help your leader press ahead?

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