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The Most Important Thing You Do Today (It's Not Reading the Bible!)

As I opened my Bible and started reading this morning, I had to stop myself after the first stanza of Psalm 104. Something was missing. Rather, someone was missing. I found myself reading to be reading. But that’s not what God’s Word is for.

So I stopped reading. I looked out the sliding glass doors that overlook the woods in our backyard and smiled at the beauty of the sun rising through the still-bare trees. The birds were singing in unison with all of nature at the beauty of the morning. I worshiped along with the birds and then simply talked to the Creator of it all, asking him to speak to me in his Word this morning. I asked him to guide me as I live for him today through the words I was about to read. I asked him to change me as only he could through his Holy Communication with me. Then I turned back to my Bible and began reading again.

Praise the Lord, I tell myself; O Lord my God, how great you are! You are robed with honor and with majesty (Psalm 104:1, New Living Translation). 

I write this blog for followers of Christ, but I especially want to use these posts to speak to small group leaders. I believe that God uses ordinary people like you to grow his kingdom and change the world, and he does that only as you receive from him what only he can give. Then he overflows his love, grace, power, peace, and wisdom out of you and into others.

The most important thing you will do today is spend time with God. So I want to remind you today to stop whatever else you may be doing and, if you haven’t already, spend some time with him. And don’t just read the Bible. Communicate with your Creator. See what he has to say to you. He’s waiting.

May the glory of the Lord last forever! The Lord rejoices in all he has made! (Psalm 104:31, NLT). 

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