Healthy Leadership Decisions

by Jeff Tunnell

A key reason for the cell structure is to decentralize ministry. For the senior pastor, this means allocation of the work to believers and coaching them through a biblical system, like Jethro’s advice to Moses. For the believer this means no longer remaining an observer and becoming an empowered worker in the kingdom, following the mandate of our Savior to go into all the world and disciple others.

Equipping, training and discipling believers to win the lost to Christ has been the practice of the church since its birth. Failure to breed another leader or train multiple leaders within a cell group results in dependency upon the main leader. The stress upon one person can sap his or her health and lead to burn out. When the one leader becomes weak or marginalized in any way the group will suffer a diminished health overall. Failure is predictable. Yet, it is also avoidable.

Teamwork in the cell leadership is essential and produces health. No one person needs to shoulder the entire load alone and attempt being a superhero. Walking together in ministry was modeled by Jesus with His disciples, followed by sending them out two-by-two. As we apply the wisdom and model of Jesus, our groups will multiply and we’ll produce healthy leaders who understand how to share the load as a team.

Let’s make a decision to strengthen ministry within the cell group and the cell structure of the body, thus ensuring the health of everyone involved.