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Models and Strategies Are Adaptable

Myth: Once you have a model, stick by it.

When a church follows cell church principles over time, it might become an example for others to follow. Other pastors might visit, ask questions, and even participate in the church’s network. Once a church has arrived at this point, is it best to stick with the exact strategy that has produced that growth?

Truth: Innovate and change the model as the Spirit leads.

A church never arrives at perfection. There is always room for improvement. The moment, in fact, that a church thinks it has arrived, it probably has already begun its downward spiral.

Churches often lose the urgent dependency on Jesus Christ when things are going well. They become content with their models, buildings, and other outward signs of success. They forget the sense of urgency that brought their fruitfulness.

One of the secrets of Elim’s continual fruitfulness over time is their practice of precise statistical accountability. They don’t hide anything. Each week, Elim knows exactly what’s happening in the cell system, and they are able to make rapid changes when weaknesses are spotted.

Those churches who continue to bear fruit over a long period of time depend on God, point people to reproducible principles, and make mid-course corrections.