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2013's Most Influential Small Group Influencers

Well … maybe these are just my favorite influencers–the ones I like to read (books, articles, blogs) and hear speak. I’m sure I’m leaving several very influential people off this list. I apologize–I mean no disrespect.

I’m including places you can contact them so you can follow them too.

So, in alphabetical order . . .

1. Scott Boren @mscottborenhttp://mscottboren.com 

2. Joel Comiskey @sovereigntyGodhttp://comiskey.org

3. Bill Donahue @bdonahue80http://drbilldonahue.com/

4. Jim Egli @jimeglihttp://jimegli.com/

5. Steve Gladen @SteveGladenhttp://www.smallgroups.net/

6. Mark Howell @MarkCHowellhttp://www.markhowelllive.com/

7. Rick Howerton @rickhowertonhttp://blogs.navpress.com/rickhowerton/My-Blog

8. Josh Hunt @joshhuntnmhttp://www.joshhunt.com/

9. Amy Jackson @AmyKJackson@SmallGroupscom;  http://www.smallgroups.com

10. Andrew Mason @_AndrewSMason@SGChurcheshttp://www.smallgroupchurches.com/

11. Ben Reed @benreedhttp://www.benreed.net/

12. Allen White @allenwhitehttp://allenwhite.org/

I’m thankful for each of these folks and the ministry they provide. I’m also grateful to be a partner with them in God’s kingdom work! 
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Michael C. Mack founded SmallGroups.com in 1995 and served as a small-groups minister for more than 20 years in several churches. He is a writer, editor, trainer, and consultant in the areas of small groups, leadership, and discipleship. He is the author of more than 25 books and small group studies, including his latest, World's Greatest Small Group (pub. January, 2017). He regularly blogs on his ministry website at SmallGroupLeadership.com. His family is a small group that includes his wife Heidi, their four children, and their dog, Lainey. Mike is also an avid mountain biker.