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One Size Doesn't Fit All Needs

by Steve Cordle

A cell group is the basic expression of the church, but it is not the only size gathering in which discipleship occurs. The larger celebration service plays a role in disciple-making, and so can the smaller one-on-one meeting.

A few months ago a young man in our cell group pulled aside our apprentice leader and asked to speak with him. Our group had been discussing the biblical teaching about giving that night, and the young man had heard the apprentice share about his experience of giving and of God’s faithfulness. The young man asked if the apprentice would show him how it could work for him. The two met and the apprentice showed the young man some principles of budgeting and guided him through creating a plan that would work for him. The one-on-one gathering provided a level of growth the group could not.

Another young mom in one of our groups approached an older, highly respected mother and asked if she could get together privately for a few months to discuss how she could better deal with the pressures of having two young kids and a busy husband. The two have been meeting weekly for an hour in addition to the cell group. Because their cell is mixed gender, their one-on-one gathering is providing an important time of growth for this young mom (and the mentoring mom too!) They will meet only for a few months, but continue in their cell.

One-on-one discipleship does not replace the cell or celebration; but for certain defined periods of time a one-on-one meeting can provide unique opportunities for growth.
How have you seen one-on-one meetings spur discipleship?