Why Have An Equipping Route?

by Mario Vega

The ideal for a cell church is that each member gets to become a leader at some point. To achieve that goal, the church must start with training. That is, the goal is to train each person for ministry and leadership. The teachings on cell dynamics are not complicated, but they are necessary. Because they are simple, they cannot be repeated all the time in the church, and because they are needed, you cannot stop teaching them. It is therefore necessary to create a mechanism different from the celebrations that allow both teaching and repetition.

The way a person is educated will determine his or her future performance. Poor training will make the job of a leader difficult and will increase the work of the leader’s coach. By contrast, a well-trained person should be able to minister without needing too much support.

For these reasons, a well-defined mechanism should be developed to impart these simple but necessary lessons. Thus, it boils down to what we call the Leader’s Route. It is a route or path because it indicates the way a person must travel in order to understand the essential elements of cell ministry. And it is the “leader’s” route, because the specific purpose is to train leaders.

Only when a church has a clearly defined path will the members be prepared for cell ministry. It can also help a church know the progress of any given church member at any particular moment. The equipping route, therefore, is an extremely valuable tool.