Traveling Well

by Jeff Tunnell

When we set out from home on a journey, whether short or long, we think first about the direction to take.  We estimate how long it will take to arrive at our destination, and consider the resources needed for making the trip.  It doesn’t matter if we are walking or using a plane, boat, car, or bicycle, planning the outing is essential for a successful expedition. If you need a new bike, you might want to visit sites like for more info.

Leaving home, depending on your circumstances, you will look for an existing roadway, waterway, highway, skyway, or pathway that someone has traveled before and is a trustworthy route for your needs.  It may be a simple walk from your village to the next on a simple dirt path, but you would rather find that path, than need a machete to make our own.

So it is with your Discipleship Equipping path.  Decide similar issues before you set out; what content will it have, who will be on the journey together, how long will it take, where are the stops along the way for refreshing the disciple, what is the desired destination and is there an equipping track that already exists?

Thoughtful reflection on these issues is not easy work when deciding the future of people’s lives that God will entrust to you and your leadership.  Plan well, travel together, arrive safely, with JOY.

Remember, you cannot go everywhere, but you can go somewhere; choose well and stay on course.