Six Ways to Jump Start Your Group in January

Personally call every member of your group and remind them about the next group meeting day and get everyone’s commitment to be there.

Make your next group meeting in January a fun night, with maybe a potluck dinner and a “white elephant” gift exchange.

3. Invite a special guest.
Okay, maybe it’s just someone you know, or maybe Horace Willard! Horace is the Saddleback member who has led over 8,000 people to Christ, and he’s willing to visit your small group with his stories and wisdom. Call him at 949.713.6332. Nothing like a special guest to get everyone to show up on group night.
5. Use Talk It Over for your small group study the first several weeks. This gives the entire group an opportunity to talk about the weekend message, even those who may have missed it.

If your group missed the last small group video from Pastor Rick on the special two video DVD, play it for your group at the small group life media center. It’s an exceptional video called Preparing for a New Year: The Five Ways God Renews Us. Be sure to download and print enough outlines for everyone. 
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