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20 Reasons Your Church Should Have Online Groups

  1. Geography isn’t an issue.
  2. Free tools are available online (i.e. www.tokbox.com).
  3. Members can attend in their bathrobes.
  4. No disagreements about snacks (everyone brings their own).
  5. People tend to be honest more quickly in the online environment.
  6. It is NOT virtual community.  It is REAL!
  7. Perfect environment for accountability groups.
  8. Any church (regardless of size) can have online groups.
  9. Online groups are great for pastors who are reluctant to be in a group.
  10. Online is just another group “location.”  Homes, coffee shops, the church, online, etc.
  11. Free online group tip sheet is available.
  12. Easier to fit online groups into busy schedules.
  13. The online fields are ripe for the harvest!
  14. Hardly different from face-to-face groups.
  15. Perfect for stay-at-home moms.
  16. Business people can attend group from their offices.
  17. Great for people who can’t get out much.
  18. Viable group solution for churches in “bedroom communities.”
  19. Online is mainstream.
  20. Facebook and Twitter mission projects are FUN!  
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Alan Danielson is the Lead Pastor of a church that’s probably a lot like yours. New Life Bible Church is a church of a few hundred people, but not long ago he was on the executive staff of Life.Church in Edmond, OK. Now, along with pastoring New Life, Alan is a consultant and has worked with many of America’s largest churches. Despite this, Alan has a passion for the small church. That’s why he lives by the personal conviction that no church is too small for him to work with. Alan founded Triple-Threat Solutions to help leaders of and churches of all sizes grow. Learn more from Alan at http://www.3Threat.net.