7 Ways to Reach Ministry Goals

I have used the B.H.A.G. for years—it stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Too often in life, we simply allow it to happen around us day to day. When we take the time to set goals and see them to completion, we feel a sense of accomplishment and achieve more. With B.H.A.G.s in mind, I thought I would share 7 Ways We Can Reach our GOALS.

Be Specific – Write down exactly what it is you want to accomplish. The more specific we are with describing the goal, the better chance we have of accomplishing the goal.

It Must be Accessible – While I love football, for me to sit here at my desk and set a goal to become an NFL player is ridiculous. While our goals should be “God-sized” goals, they must be within our potential reach.

It Must be Measurable – Goals without measures are just wishes. Something that is truly a goal can be measured as we work toward attaining it.

It Must Have Due Date – When we set a goal, it should have a target date to be accomplished. Without a target or due date, it is not really a goal—simply wishful thinking.

We Must be Accountable – Give someone permission to check on our progress. All of us have a tendency to perform better when we have someone to whom we are accountable.

Make a Plan – As we begin to dream about our goals and write them down, the next steps is to create a detailed plan to reach those goals. Details and dates are important here. Mapping out a step-by-step plan will help to keep us on track as we work toward our goal.

We Should Celebrate – As we begin this process of setting and attaining goals, we should plan to celebrate. Something that will motivate us to keep working toward accomplishing our goal is to recognize and reward ourselves along the way. Once we have set out a detailed plan to accomplish our goal, then we should include some “mile-markers” along the way we can celebrate.

What are the ideas you are dreaming about today? Are you ready to truly make them goals?