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Did I Just Hear From God?: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Determining whether or not you heard something from God is one of the most difficult things a believer in Christ may face in his or her life. With all the apprehension and uncertainty we feel any given day, the idea of accurately hearing something from the mouth of God sounds like an impossible speculation. So, with this concern in mind, Margaret Feinberg offers four questions you can ask yourself to determine if what you think you heard was from God or not.

1. Does what I heard line up with Scripture?

“The Bible is our primary gauge and filter for determining whether or not something is from God.”

2. Does what I heard line up with wise counsel?

“God places people in your life including pastors, godly mentors, and Christian friends to provide wisdom and counsel.”

3. Does what I heard lead me to a sense of peace?

“As a follower of Jesus, you have been given peace that the world simply cannot comprehend. Peace…often acts as a guardrail for our lives, warning us when we have stepped outside of God’s perfect will or compromised his commands.”

4. Is what I heard blanketed in love?

“When we allow the love of God to saturate our lives, we find that we can’t help but walk in humility and dependence on him. Love asks us to put others’ needs above our own.

So the next time you feel you heard something from God, run through these four questions to determine if what you heard came from God.