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Bill Hybels: How a Daily 30-Minute Meeting With God Changed the Direction of a Man’s Life

Bill Hybels, the founder of the explosively popular Willow Creek Church, shares a story from one of his members that will inspire you to carve out time, every day, to meet with God.

An advertising executive approached Hybels after a service many years ago, when he was first launching Willow Creek. He lamented it was impossible to fit prayer into his busy schedule. Hybels challenged the man to make time for things that are important to him. As a new Christian, this man decided a daily time with God should be important to him. And so he tried.

What happened over the course of years is something only God could bring about. A commitment of only 30 minutes a day ended up changing the entire course of his life.

Listen to the story and use the video to encourage people in your small group (including yourself!) to carve out some time for the things that are important to them.



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