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Easter Points to Signs of Hope After Two Hard Years of COVID and Unrest

After two years of online services, masked worship and social distancing, Christians are eager to celebrate God’s faithfulness together.

Even more, we’re excited to share this with others who need this story after two of the most challenging years in living memory. Jesus warns us that having received grace, we are not to hoard this story to ourselves but to share it with others.

That’s why those invitations come. That’s part of why a group of Christians are launching He Gets Us (of which I am a part). We have large aims to start a national conversation about who Jesus is.

We Are All Inviters

In recent years, it has been suggested that some businesses create the position of “Chief Evangelist.” The idea is “a person who builds up support for a given technology, and then establishes it as a standard in the given industry.”

In essence, they all have a “good story” they want to tell about how their product and or brand is good and trustworthy. Whether internet influencers, international brands or Bitcoin fanatics, each believes they have a good that will improve your life.

At Easter, we find something that surpasses these earthly visions of good. We find a story where the good news is not telling of new technology but instead of healing, of freedom and of identity.

Jesus told his followers to “make disciples of all nations” and to “be my witnesses.”

So don’t be surprised when a Christian offers you an invitation to Easter services. They do so because they really believe what you will experience is of utmost – even eternal – importance.

And, for us Christians, we can’t follow Jesus, and follow his instructions, without telling others. So, just in case you haven’t received an invitation, consider this yours.

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