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20 Truths From ‘The Power of One: Reaching Every Person on Earth’

“The 21st century has been marked by a wave of leadership failures in nearly every sphere of society around the globe. From Australia to Africa, from the USA to Europe, from the political corridors of Capitol Hill to the tech hubs of Silicon Valley, leaders have lost their way morally, relationally, financially, and in terms of their integrity. This global failure of leadership has not spared any institution, including the church.” (121)

Generation Z and our entire world long for stability. Some have said it is one of the six greatest human needs. So, in a world of instability, how do we find it? If we are going to reach everyone on the planet, I believe we need dynamic stability to help us stay strong and keep moving forward lest we fall short of the call of God.” (121-123)

No more of this

“I’ve contended for many years that the way a nation is changed is not in the White House or Congressional House but in the church house and our houses. Nations are changed from the bottom up rather than the top down.” (144)  

Chapter 6

“The call of God to reach people with His good news transcends every human difficulty and division, including war. He has commissioned us to reach all people everywhere and to do it together. You and I are not mere spectators of the Holy Spirit’s work on earth, but we have been invited to partner with Him to be Jesus’ hands and feet in His divine quest for every lost person.” (152-153)

Everyone everywhere 

“Anyone, anywhere can now have a platform and reach the world in a split second as proven by a host of ‘influencers’ who have monetized their reach with great effect. This flattened world…makes fulfilling the Great Commission completely possible, unlike during any other era in history. You can now pull out your phone, log on to Instagram or YouTube, begin a live feed, and speak to digital followers worldwide with whatever message you choose.” (155)

“The 21st century will be the most opportune time in human history for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. A new era of evangelism is emerging where millions of believers will become gospel influencers…” (156)

One Body, One Mission 

“After years of experience convening Christian leaders, I have discovered that relational networks deteriorate unless they have a united mission. Relationships deepen when our unity is focused on a common missional purpose, and the kingdom of God advances. We’ve seen discord in the church because the enemy hates this unity which threatens his kingdom of darkness. When we come together, the potential is massive.” (164)

“A new era of evangelism is dawning. God is realigning our focus, hearts, and efforts to reach the world one person at a time. This is the strategy God has given us for fulfilling the Great Commission. It starts with people like you and me. In this next decade, let’s join together for a united purpose and reach every single person on Earth through the power of the Holy Spirit with the message of Jesus Christ!” (170)

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