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3 Encouraging Trends I See in the UK’s Churches

This question paints a picture of the moment we are in with the transition from the Queen to the new King. The final Christmas message by the late Queen Elizabeth so clearly spoke of Christ that we could all say ‘Amen’ to it. But my friend Trevin Wax made the point in his tweet at her death where he said: “The death of the queen feels weighty because it marks the passing not of a woman but of a world.” And what does it look like in the different world in which we find ourselves?

Communicating Is Crucial

When I look at some of the bright spots of evangelicalism in the UK, I am more encouraged through my visits. I needed what I’ve found here, because frankly, American evangelicalism has been a bit depressing lately. I find myself very much aligned with the kind of thinking among many of the evangelicals I see here—and plan to be here in the UK more often.

I don’t do future predictions too well, but as Western culture continues to move in a less faith-friendly direction, how effectively we communicate the gospel will be crucial.

Thomas Cranmer, former Archbishop of Canterbury, author of The Book of Common Prayer among other titles, and martyr for the faith, offered four brief exhortations before being burned at the stake:

  • Care less for this world and more for the next.
  • Obey sovereigns out of the fear of God.
  • Do good to all people.
  • Be concerned for the poor.