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Doors and Broken Handles: Discerning Where God Wants Us to Go

Fourth, know that struggle can be a good sign that the door is open.

Paul heard from the Lord that struggle was a good sign (1 Cor. 8:9)—especially since he had already passed through the door. Perhaps he was tempted to turn back or to wonder if he really had been meant to pass through. Take spiritual struggle, the need to grow, and the hard work of perseverance as a strong sign that you took the right door.

But, it is hard at this point in the process.

Fifth, know that when things start breaking, the door is probably closed.

I counsel many who feel called to ministry. Some have pushed the desire to be in ministry so much that their family is breaking, they are irrecoverably into debt, or they are breaking important vows that they have made in their heart. When the handle breaks, it is best to stop.

Perhaps ask God to open a window. Or try other doors in a different area. But don’t persist when important things break. Now I cannot open the door of my car. I found that it will be easy to fix the door when I get the time. But a broken family is difficult to mend. So stop when important things start to break.

Finally, trust that when you have to break in, the door is closed.

A similar kind of breakage hardly goes without mentioning. But I will mention it anyway because our culture is so focused on discovering a destiny and following it no matter the cost. Simply put, there are doors that are never meant to be broken down for the Christian.

Many of these doors relate to money, sex, or power. You know what temptations drive you to the wrong door. I have advice. Buy a padlock and stay away from that door even if you have broken it down in the past. Create a safe zone.

When I fell with the broken handle in my hand, I injured my elbow and my pride. Quickly, I looked around to see if anyone had observed my mistake. I was embarrassed. But I had learned a lesson that will hopefully last me a lifetime.