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Enhancing Pastoral Care: Lessons From Therapists To Boost Discipleship

The church has a pivotal role in caring for people’s mental and relational health, and by embracing the lessons from therapists, we can reclaim and strengthen this role. NIRD training offers a pathway to equip pastors, pastoral staff, pastoral counselors, and small group leaders with the skills necessary to integrate therapeutic insights and spiritual care, creating a more holistic approach to discipleship.

If you’re inspired by the possibility of enriching your ministry with these insights and are interested in how NIRD can equip your church to better serve the mental and relational health of your community, I encourage you to reach out. Engaging in NIRD training can transform the depth and breadth of your discipleship, fostering a church environment where every individual feels supported, understood, and connected.

This is an invitation to explore a more comprehensive form of pastoral care that reflects the compassionate heart of Christ for all aspects of human experience. To learn more about how you can bring this transformative approach to your ministry team, please consider how training in Neuroscience Informed Relational Discipleship based on NICC principles could be the next step in your church’s journey toward holistic spiritual and emotional wellness.

Together, let’s embrace this opportunity to enhance our discipleship practices, ensuring our church communities are places of deep healing, growth, and relational connection.

To learn more about how we can engage for training, fill out the form on the Engage Josh page.



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