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The 10 Commandments of Great Worship Team Members

8. I will practice my singing and/or instrument regularly.

  • Great worship team members are better this year then they were last year.
  • Great team members work on growing by practicing regularly, taking lessons, and watching and learning from great worship videos.

9. I will wear the appropriate clothes for the dress code.

10. I will grow in my love for the Lord and live a godly lifestyle.

  • This is the last commandment but it is the most important. Loving God with your whole heart and life is the core of worship.
  • Living a life that is pleasing to God opens up the door for God’s blessing on your life. Don’t allow sin to ruin that. Repent and get back on track!
  • Great worship team members are more than volunteers. They are serving in worship ministry because of the calling and gifting of God in their lives.

Question: What points have I missed? Are you a great worship team member? What areas can you improve on?

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